Intention {Community} Day 19: To Step Out

  . . . to step out . . 

A few weeks ago I received an invitation in the mail . . .

. . . . from the Container Store.

They were having a preview party.  What an odd invitation.

I decided to ask my friend Lisa to join me, and we headed out.

The deal is I love the container store.  But a preview party at a store?

Truth? It was amazing.

Here is a picture from the car while waiting for our valet parking


And inside, there were lots of people, a live band, an open bar, beautiful products . . .


and there was food . . . really good food

There were six food stations.  Each one creatively displayed using Container Store Products.

I loved the little glasses of soup.

We enjoyed everything we ate . . .

Especially the delectables from the dessert table . . .

The event was catered by La Fete Catering in Natick, MA.  They were amazing.  The Container Store does not contain a large event kitchen, and the food was always re-supplied, the caterers were so professional and friendly.  It was lovely.

I am so thankful for my friend, Lisa who stepped out into this adventure with me.

Thank you, Lisa for walking with me through the entire event (we had an additional after party adventure).

I am so loving having a Container Store nearby.  And I am happy I stepped up and accepted the invitation.


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