A Fall Adventure to Neverland


Colton saw Peter Pan, the movie for the first time this month and loved it.

So when we saw that they were having Peter Pan hay rides at Smolak Farms, we were all in.

With Cole’s ticket came free cider donuts and a pumpkin.

He is at just the right age.

We headed off on a hay ride with Peter Pan (who was wonderful), he sang and chatted with us as we went.


At our first stop we saw Wendy, John and Michael.  Wendy returned Peter’s shadow and then they all sang about flying, dancing around the tractor.


We headed into Neverland.  Peter sang us there, and then we met a lost boy and Tiger Lily.


Tinkerbell was not happy with Peter Pan, though he made things right with her.  Colton loved seeing Tinkerbell, at the end he blew her a kiss and she waved and blew a kiss and fairy dust at him.  He loved it.

Cole spotted Captain Hook from afar.  When he boarded the hayride, I could feel my poor little guy trembling.  I was concerned as he came close and asked Cole where Peter Pan was.


We all remembered to cluck our tongues  “Tick Tock, Tick Tock” and Captain Hook fled, just like Peter Pan had told us he would.


The Sharpteam loved the hayride, the singing, the actors, the location.

And then we were all surprised to find all the other things the farm had to offer.


It was a wonderful outing for all.


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