Intention {Refresh} Day 14: Hot Apple Cider

… for us to enjoy hot apple cider.

Sunday nights have always been a time when I like to relax and feel ready for the week ahead.  Before we were dating Andrew asked me if I wanted to hang out on a Sunday night after church, and even though I really liked him, I knew that it was an important time in the week for me.  I turned him down.

Now I spend all of my Sunday nights with him.

And it is good.

Tonight Andrew and Cole brought home warm apple cider from Starbucks, and Andrew made a fire.

First we played a little Dutch Blitz (practicing for when Andrew and Thomas come over).

And then we sat by the fire.

Our night also includes talking through our weekly goals and weekly intentions.

Andrew is prepping Brad’s Famous Chili for dinner tomorrow night.

It is so good to take time in the midst and be.

May you have a lovely Sunday and may this week be an incredible Fall week!


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