Intention {Personal} Day 22: Find the Time

 … to find the time for a mani-pedi (plus).

Having a toddler changes things.  I have never been a girl who heads to the salon.  But there are times that I do . . . and since I am headed to NYC for a wedding.  I thought it was time.  And the only time this week where there was an hour break in my schedule without Cole was today.  So I ran and got it done.

I chose a dark color (first time ever on my fingernails).

And I got Shellac, which I have tried before thanks to Groupon.  I like that it does not chip.

And then I tried this . . .

 Me-ality arrived at our mall quite a while ago.  I saw a segment on our local tv station explaining that it is quick and free, so with a few minutes to spare I jumped in (can you see my newly pedicured toes?)

From this scan a bar code is printed.  A computer reads the bar code and you can choose whatever info you are looking for . . .

Today I thought it would be great to see what kind of jeans they would recommend.  I dislike trying on jeans.

The first pair they recommended was from Hollister, so I zoomed over to try them on.  They were a little long, but they were super comfortable and a good fit.

I am looking forward to using me-ality online and finding

Lesson learned: make the time.  It just felt nice to step out of the ordinary.


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