Intention {Personal} Day 22: Keep Consistent With Exercise, Part II

… to keep consistent with exercise.

As a follow up to my post earlier today on being consistent in my exercise, I have to say today was one of the hardest exercise days for me in a long time.

My usual workout routine starts at 5:45am and goes something like this:

  • Warm up then repeat the below 3-4 times
  • 30+ Half pull ups or 10-12 full pull ups
  • 20 shoulder extensions focusing on rotator cuff
  • 30 pushups
  • 12 pistol squats each leg or 15 lunges each leg
  • Side plank each side for a minute / straight plank 2 minutes
  • Tues / Thurs 1 mile run in Vibrams

I repeat the above at lunch time run a 5k instead of the 1 mile run or bike for 30 minutes.

Today, I overslept. Alarm went off and I turned it off and even though Liza asked what I was doing, I went right back to sleep. Morning routine out the window. Then at lunch I thought I would make it up, but from the get go felt winded. For weeks I have run a 5k non-stop, today I had to stop 3 times again feeling winded.

So I acknowledge it was hard to be consistent in my exercise. And I will continue to push forward to reach my goals.


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