Intention {Toddler} Day 23: Plant Bulbs for Summer

… to plant bulbs with Cole for summer.

We have slowly been working at improving the gardens around our house. I certainly do not have a green thumb but am working to find plants and flowers that require very little of me to maintain.

As we move into colder months, usually I leave all thoughts of flowers and plants until warmer weather. Liza mentioned planting bulbs as we were driving around one day and I remembered seeing all kinds at the local Home Depot. So we picked up a couple and thought it would be a great chance for Cole to get to dig in the dirt.

So for day 23, Cole and I will be digging in the dirt and thinking of pretty flowers and warm weather come next summer.


Cole was a great help and thanks to Aunt Caroline he had some fantastic tools to work with.

Colton Digging in Dirt


We planted a variety of tulips, iris, and daffodils. Hopefully it wil be a colorful summer! So proud of my little guy and how good of a helper he is!

planting bulbs

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