Intention {Home} Day 25: Clean Basement Round 2

… to finish cleaning the basement.

So last week my intention was to clean and organize the part of the basement with all my tools and house related items. It turned out to be a much larger project and pushed over into this week. So with the month coming to a close and last weeks intention still unfinished, today the basement will be conquered.

I have a closet of tools that will get emptied, sorted and restocked in an organized manner. There are all kinds of miscellaneous pieces of wood that should be cut up for kindling and others that should be organized for future projects. We have lots of boxes stored in the basement for whenever we might need one; wrapping a present, sending something in the mail, packing something to store. But these should also be moved up to the attic where other similar items are stored so everything is in one place.

Needless to say, I have my work cut out for me… but this time, I will come out on top victorious!


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