Intention {Adventure} Day 27: New York City Wedding

 … attend the wedding of Liza’s first friend.


I have known Giacomo since I was three years old.  He was my first friend.  We not only went to one another’s houses to play, we went on vacations together.  I have so many little girl memories of him.  I love who he was.  He was such a kind soul and so funny.

He was like my brother.  And when something went wrong in our high school production of Chicago, I went back stage and cried and he hugged me and got me ready for the next scene (he was doing lights).

I have not seen him in over 20 years.

He got married this weekend, and so graciously invited me for a tremendous event.


It was a beautiful event and he married a beautiful woman.

Thank you to Giacomo and Elizabeth.  May your adventures together be as spectacular as this special day.


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