Intention Day 31: Intention Reflection

… to reflect on our 31 Days of Intention

On October 1, Andrew agreed to join me in a little experiment of practicing intention.  We agreed to choose one intention each day in one of seven areas of our lives.

We both believe that it is important to live from intention, and we do practice it in many ways.

What I enjoy most about participating in 31 Days with the Nester and over 1200 bloggers is the way that living with the intention of posting every day marks every day of the month as different and unique.  This one step allows me to fully feel as if I have participated in the month of October and not allowed the days to tick by out of habit.  It is a shifting that happens for me and for us as a family.

The discovery that I made was that in this season of my life, I am not as intentional at work as I would like to be.  I loved Work Wednesdays where I planned an intention for tutoring and connecting at work.

I brought muffins to my co-workers,


made little study tip reminders for my students

I joined a committee to focus on educating boys (our first session was postponed until tonight)

And I brought a little bit of Fall into the classroom by picking up some cider and some cider donuts.



My other favorite intention I had was when I planned various activities for Cole while I was away:


We will absolutely continue to live with intention.  I especially appreciated these two areas of increased focus, and will absolutely continue to be intentional at work and in parenting.

Gratitude to you for journeying with us.

May we each choose well . . .



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