Intention Day 31: Andrew Intention Reflection

… to reflect on the past 31 days.

Over the month of October Liza and I have taken time each day to look at the day(s) ahead and figure out some little place in our lives where we can be intentional. I have so appreciated the rhythm this has added to our days. I like sharing in a common goal with Liza and knowing she is working towards similar paths in her day too.

My favorite things from the month were being intentional with Colton and with work. I am home with Colton each Tuesday and it was so fun to have ideas ready to go for him and to make our time together so much better.

For my office, I realized how little I try and connect with the people I work with, even though we are in the same office for 7+ hours a day. At the end of 31 days I feel like I know the people I work with much more and am enjoying my job all the better.

I look forward to continuing to be intentional in small and big ways.


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