No Spend November


After a month of intentions in October, we are a little quieter here, but no less intentional.

I follow a blog, Small Notebook, that has written about No Spend Month, and have kept the idea in the back of my head.  What would it be like to choose not to spend for an entire month?

Andrew and I have tried a No Impact Month before in September of 2010.  It was not hard and it changed us.  We do lots of things differently after immersing ourselves for a month.

So we have quietly embraced No Spend November.

At the beginning of each month Andrew and I sit down and pay all of our bills for the month ahead.  So at the beginning of this month we did do that.

However we also then budget money for all kinds of things including clothes, dining, entertainment, discretionary spending . . . and we took this money and put it in an account not to be touched this month.

We knew there would be expenses this month that we would need to make.  We are traveling for Thanksgiving, we will purchase things for Christmas, but we have designated debit cards for each of those things and have to stick to those budgets.

We have learned a good deal already.

I thought I would share our intentional step . . . more to follow.


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