Family Command Center

family command center

We have a wall in our kitchen that has become a focal point for our shared goals and lives.  We have changed our kitchen wall once again.  This is our fourth evolution.

Here are the previous three versions. We love having a place in our home that reflects our goals and intentions.


When our ceiling had to be replaced this summer, and therefore the kitchen repainted, we went ahead and took the opportunity to spruce up our wall, making it even more functional for us.


We redefined what we really wanted on our command center wall.  We use a shared calendar on our computers.  That includes what is for dinner each night, so we decided that we did not use the monthly calendar or the weekly menu on our wall, at least for the summer.

Instead we put up our Summer Adventure Goals.  Keeping track of those here has been so fun.

Summer Adventures2013

I like the idea of having Seasonal goals here that last longer than our monthly goals (monthly goals are in a google doc now).

The other pinboard may hold anything we like.  For the summer we went for this “centering” picture I found on Pinterest.


We have been choosing various short phrases this year that we like and that are centering.  This is actually January’s choice, but we reinstated it this summer.

We made the silhouette of Cole this past November and gave it as a gift to his grandmother’s at Christmas.  Here is a link to the tutorial we used.

We love the cheery yellow (actually a cream colored paint) and the versatility of the wall.



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