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Colton on Adoption Day

Colton on Adoption Day, October 2010

Four years ago our little boy Colton had been born.  The plan was that he would come to be with us and that we would move forward with an open adoption.

All of that changed and Colton was placed in foster care.  The Department of Children of Families would not be working with our adoption agency.  The goal was reunification and “all doors were closed, we would not be adopting him.”

We walked quietly through those days.  Even four months later when a call came asking if we were open to adopting that same little boy my steps forward were so tentative, so quiet that a year later there were family members who did not realize we had officially adopted Cole.

Adoption is a different road to walk down.  The waiting is different.  The expanding of one’s family is different.  International adoption and domestic adoption are different.  Adopting through a private agency and adopting through the state are different.  It is a strange and sacred road.

There was some part of me that was  scared to share the process as we walked with Cole.  I did not want a shower.  We did not announce his arrival.  We waited to have any kind of celebration with friends until he turned one.

We are in a new and sacred place.  There is a new little guy with us, and it is not a sure thing that he will be with us forever, but there is a possibility.  I have decided to adventure forward in a bolder way.

I am going to blog about it, because blogging helps me process.  I am going to blog because it is a strange and beautiful journey.  I am not going to wait to post until things are clear and sure.  I invite you to join us on the adventure of fostering and possibly adoption.  It will be a beautiful road.

2 thoughts on “Posts Coming

  1. I love your honesty and candidness in this blog! As one who feels my heart strings tugged in the area of fostering/adoption, I am so in awe of the road you’ve travelled & are still travelling. You have my utmost respect! I don’t know if God will choose to use us to foster/adopt but I’m open & eager to learn more about it! Love reading your posts!


    • Alison, thank you so much for your encouragement. Praying that the doors open for you in ways where you feel confident that you are to walk through them.
      Best, Liza


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