The Email




Andrew and I received a phone call on a Friday afternoon about a little boy in need of a home, and on Monday we chose to step forward and say yes, that this little boy should come join our family.

We didn’t say yes right away.  We took time to think about it, the impact, the fit.

This little boy was sick, he was a premie, he had not had good prenatal care.  There would be doctors visits, possible surgery.

This little boy would not be “ours,” may never be “ours.”  Someone could come forward.

There was a lot of risk.  A great deal would be required of us.

But there was a baby in need of a home . . .

I do want to note here that in foster care Andrew and I have said “no” at least as many times as we have said yes.  We have always taken the time to talk through the scenario, talk through the impact and the fit, and we recognize very clearly that there are times and circumstances that do not line up and we were very clear that this may be one of them.

But on Monday, with all of the risks, with all of the impact, with all that it meant, we said yes.

On Tuesday we learned that Friday would be the day he was coming to be with us and we started preparing.


On Thursday we got the email.

Twenty-four hours before we were set to pick up baby boy we learned of an additional possible medical issue.  And for us the need of care exceeded what we felt prepared to give.  It was heartbreaking and we needed to re-evaluate and make a clear headed best decision for the baby and for us.


I headed to Halibut Point.  Halibut is my piece of nature where I can feel my head clear and where I re-center.  I just made time and space to get there.  And I walked and I prayed.  I got quiet and I felt open.  I was open to the yes, and I was open to no.

And as I gazed out over the ocean this singular boat made its way slowly before me . . .



And I was very clear.

Before us was an opportunity.

I do not get to set the full course.  I do not get to choose the destination.

But we have been invited to enjoy the sail.


So we said yes.

And on Friday, we picked up baby boy.




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