Intentional Baby Items

10 Intentional Baby Items

In my last post I wrote about our debate as to whether or not to have an Adoption Registry.  Here are our top ten baby items to be thinking about when you may be having or receiving a baby.

Ergo Baby Carrier – This baby carrier is wonderful for so many reasons.  It keeps you close to baby and allows you to adventure with them for years (I carried our 3-year-old on my back in it).  Our baby falls asleep in it every time.  I sometimes moby our little guy at home, as it is softer, but if I had to pick one carrier, this would be it.  Intentional connection and adventuring.

Zutano Baby Booties – Babies do not need shoes, but as they grow having something that stays on their feet is ideal.  These booties stay on, they are snuggly and they are machine washable by a wonderful Vermont company.  Intentional clothing.

Swaddleme Swaddle Blankets – Newborns love to be swaddled.  We have found that our little guy falls asleep faster and stays asleep longer in a swaddle.  These swaddles are super easy and super-snuggly. Intentional sleeping.

Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base – We love this infant car seat.  It is highly rated and tremendously easy.  Intentional Safety.

Snap-and-Go Stroller These are two different purchases (making this list more than 10 items), but they go together.  If you need a stroller in those infant days then this snap and go is the way to go.  It is light and easy.  I like it better than the bulkier stroller that is part of the “travel system.”  Strollers are abundant.  This is best for shopping and small trips.  We move from this to an umbrella stroller.  You may want an additional jogging stroller.  Intentional travel.

Nursing Pillow – Though I am not breast-feeding, this pillow has still been very helpful for a baby who has had acid reflux and spits up a good deal.  It is easily portable and he can be propped up anywhere.  Intentional comfort.

Hape My First Gym – We absolutely love this little wooden “play gym.”  It has a mirror and a little bell.  I would choose it over a plastic one any day. Intentional play.

Side Snap Shirts – For early days these side snap shirts are ideal.  When baby spits up one does not have to take the wet and icky shirt up over baby’s head, instead it is easy on and off.  Diaper changing is easier.  These are a must.  Intentional dressing.

Sophie the Giraffe – Sophie is designed to “awaken baby’s senses.”  The design is intentional.  And the result is a beloved first toy and teether.  Intentional teething.

Cloth Diapers & Wash cloths – Maybe we are really unique to have two babies that spit up a lot, but these items have become central to our day-to-day.  We use the cloth diapers under the baby to protect whatever he is lying on and we use the wash cloths to wipe up spit ups throughout the day.  Intentional Clean Up.

Blankets – Having baby blankets around to lay down for tummy time or to bring along in the car is helpful.   Intentional stocking up.


2 thoughts on “Intentional Baby Items

  1. This is *such* a thoughtful, heartfelt, and lovely/loving list. Every infant should be so beloved as to have such intention surrounding her or him. As a parent by adoption, and an early childhood educator for more than thirty years, I whisper/shout “hooray” to you (lest I wake anyone 🙂 ). All blessings on your journey. Love, Andrea


    • Andrea, how I appreciate your encouragement. I remember well when you became an adoptive mother. Appreciating that you have walked this path. Great greetings to your entire family and a special hello to Mel.


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