Fall Mantel 2014

As we embrace a new season in New England, we look forward to a shift in our intentions and in our decor.  A new Fall Mantel is a reminder that it is time to shift and re-align.


We began with a chalkboard, and Andrew agreed to re-create this image.  Pretty lovely, I think.

Fall Mantel - Pumpkin Art

We wanted to bring the outside in . . . simply . . .

Fall Mantel - Cloches

so a couple of little pumpkins and three pinecones have added a great deal of Autumn to this tiny space.

Fall Mantel

I also brought back our Andrew Wyeth Print and the little ladder Andrew built to accompany it.  It is a reminder to keep on climbing.

Hello to Fall, and Hello to you, dear reader.  I know we have been away a while.

Fall Mantel 1


2 thoughts on “Fall Mantel 2014

  1. I love Andrew Wyeth, he was from my region of PA! Have you ever been to the Brandywine River Museum? It has a great collection of his works.


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