Intentionally Be Proactive About How You Feel

Each Tuesday I write a blog post to share with you a way to be in more intentional in your day to day.


I love a to do list.  I love setting a goal and meeting it.  I have kept lists of things to do, reviewing and completing them, since I bought a Daytimer my freshman year in college.  I still use a to do list (one that I love, Busy Cal, because you can set repeating to dos).

But getting things done is not as important to me as living well.

One does not have to have just re-active emotions.  In fact we can be pro-active about the way we feel.

Often when I walk through my day I can be reactive to my environment, circumstances, and the feelings of others.  I can feel frustrated by the chaos of a disordered kitchen, annoyed by a slow driver in front of me, and uncertain about sharing with a friend.  These feelings are often reactive.

I can choose how I want to feel and focus my to-do list around the kind of day I want to have.

For instance I often want to feel productive.  I can feel that way if I am proactive by choosing well in the morning.  Instead of staring at a list of 25-30 to dos, I can choose what tasks would make me feel most productive.  Then I need to anticipate how I will get them done, and choose a time and tackle those two or three things that will most help me feel productive.

I may want to feel calm.  Before the day even begins I can choose actions that will help me to feel that way during the day.  I could choose to leave early for work, adding an extra ten minutes to my commute time.  I can choose to listen to my favorite podcast (The Lively Show), on my ride.  By making these choices about how I want to feel I am more likely to feel calm.

If you are wanting to feel connected to your spouse or your child, choose something small that will help you feel that way today.  Choose to Skype your spouse just to connect with them.  Set up a task for you and your child to accomplish together (it can be an art project or something simple like preparing dessert together).

Choose how you want to feel, actively name two to three things that will you help you feel that way, and live the life you choose.


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