Adoption Means Loss

Adopting Intentionally – Day 2

For 31 Days I will blog about Adopting Intentionally, you can find an overview and links to daily posts here.


Adoption first means loss.

Andrew and I became Foster Parents in 2008.  We learned with the first child that was in our home, and every child ever since, that the bond between parent and child is sacred.  When you bring a child to Social Services to have a visit with their parents, even if there is abuse, if there is neglect, there is a bond.

Andrew and I came to have a tremendous heart for broken parents and for broken families.  We found that we longed for healing and celebrated the possibility of reunification.

In the majority of cases we have seen in foster care, children go home to their parents.  And there is something beautiful about that.  Because those families are better resourced, there have been better supports, and healthy changes that have been made.

Before we talk about adoption it is important to celebrate birth, family, and reunification.  These are all really wonderful, healthy, normal, joyful truths in the world.

Yet there are times when birth cannot mean family, when brokenness cannot end with reunification.

When this is true, there are broken bonds.  A woman has carried a child within her, she has been physically connected to another being, and that child has been connected to her.  There is a story that could play out, a story with a father, with siblings . . .

And these bonds and these stories are lost when Adoption is needed.

The truth is that birth stories are beautiful, intact families are valuable.

And the truth is that adoption is needed.

In the United States over 100,00 children are in foster care waiting to be adopted. Worldwide there are over 17 million orphaned children.

Adoption is needed.



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