Intentionally Download to Become Present

Each Tuesday I write a blog post to share with you a way to be in more intentional in your day to day.


What are you keeping track of in your head?

Notice the number of times a day you think to yourself, “I need to remember to . . .” or “I would like to . . . “ or “I forgot to . . .”

These kinds of thoughts keep us in the future or in the past, they prevent us from being present.

I challenge you to download these thoughts, perhaps once a month, once a week, or even once a day.

Take out a pen and paper or your computer, grab your smartphone or a timer, put 5 minutes on the clock and write down everything you can think of that you want to remember, do, etc.  Write for the entire 5 minutes.  If you think you have run out of thoughts push yourself to think more about some area of your life: a role (wife, father, friend), your well-being (physical, emotional, social), or your values (more disciplined, balanced, adventurous).  Write about as many areas as possible.  If the timer goes off and there is more to write, there is more to write, set it again.

Initially you may be overwhelmed with your list, but then look at it, breathe deeply and be grateful that it is in front of you and not in your head.

At some point you can take your list and assign tasks, update your calendar, write to-dos.

Just getting the past and future out of your head can help you take big strides toward being more present.


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