Preparing for Adoption – The Waiting

Adopting Intentionally – Day 16

For 31 Days I will blog about Adopting Intentionally, you can find an overview and links to daily posts here.


There are a number of steps in the process of applying to be adoptive parents.  Our encouragement to you has been to meet each one with enthusiasm and efficiency. 

Once you have everything turned in and all of the meetings have been completed, the waiting begins.

Waiting can be hard.  It can feel ineffective.  The uncertainty can repeat and the unknown can loom.

Waiting is itself a season.  The in-between can shape us.  It is a time to be intentional as much as any other.

Three challenges for the waiting.

1.  Learn More About Adoption

There are many ways to learn about adoption.  Here are some suggestions that we tried:

  • Attend a conference
  • Attend a support group
  • Attend an adoption party
  • Listen to other’s stories of adoption
  • Read more about adoption
  • Connect with others who are adopting

2.  Learn More About Parenting

Begin or Continue to learn about parenting.  Here are some suggestions that we tried.

3.  Live Life Well, Don’t Only Focus on Adoption

There is plenty of time in days ahead to focus on adoption. 

  • We traveled a good deal including to Uganda and Portugal
  • We went on vacations to Florida and Prince Edward Island
  • We visited friends and family
  • We set fun goals for ourselves
  • We went on local adventures
  • We took classes
  • We worked
  • We volunteered
  • We lived in community

Embrace the waiting.  It is for a season.  Allow it to be a time of preparation and living well.


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