Adoption – Bringing Baby Home

Adopting Intentionally – Day 27

For 31 Days I will blog about Adopting Intentionally, you can find an overview and links to daily posts here.


We brought two babies home with us that we hoped to adopt.

We learned that Colton would be coming to our home the day we bought our house.  We had our homestudy on a loveseat in a living room full of boxes (we had ordered a couch that would be delivered in a couple of weeks).

We were not ready for any guests, let alone for a baby.

Our scenario with Camden was also a quick one.  We were called on a Sunday and he was with us the following Friday.

Each time we were intentional in having the most necessary items, and then we allowed ourselves the time to adapt and see how our lives needed to shift.

Preparing a Place

In order to bring home a child the big items to have are:

  • a carseat
  • a place to sleep

Both our boys came to us with

  • bottles (it is important to keep the bottle the same as they transition)
  • some clothing basics

As we settled into daily life, we were able to identify what was most needed and then purchase as we went.

With Camden we did decide to do a registry, and as we were at home with him, the things we needed came to us from friends and family.  We came to the decision that whether he stayed with us or not, having items purchased for him would be a great gift.

Preparing for Health

Both boys came to us with health complications.

When we picked up Camden we were so concerned that we called our doctor from the road and were able to get an appointment for evaluation that day.

As a child comes to you, it is tremendously important to identify any health or medical needs.  An appointment within the first few days of placement is ideal.

Both boys have had a number of medical professionals work with them to get them to healthy days.  We are so grateful.

Preparing Your Hearts

When a new child comes into your home, it is so important to be ready for two opposing ways forward simultaneously.

Prepare to stop everything and find new rhythms and new balance with this new child.  Open your heat  to focusing on the needs of that one being and transitioning them into your lives and your home.

Concurrently, continue to live your life fully and well.  Seek the rhythm and balance you had established.  As you work together as a family to find a new path.

Bringing home a child to be with you forever is an incredible step.  It is also just the first step in a greater journey.


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