Adoption – Resourcing Your Child

Adopting Intentionally – Day 28

For 31 Days I will blog about Adopting Intentionally, you can find an overview and links to daily posts here.


There were two things we knew for sure when we began this parenting process. 

The first is that we didn’t really know anything about parenting; and the second was that we did not know about the genetic history of our babies. 

We did not feel like the experts on anything as we walked into parenting.

For us meeting our boys for the first time felt a bit strange.  When we looked at Colton we saw his birthmother, when we see Cam smile we can picture his birthmother.  This felt foreign to us at first.  While other parents look at their children and see themselves, their family or their partner, we were seeing something entirely different and new to us.

A great gift to us has been that we have sought out a village to help us resource our little guys. 

Colton came to us with asthma and allergies.  Camden came to us with medical complications at birth and with little prenatal care.

Here is a list of medical professionals that our boys have seen . . .

  • 3 doctors and 3 nurses (we go to a family practice, so our boys are known well by all the doctors and nurses in for primary care)
  • Pulmonologist
  • Allergist
  • Cardiologist
  • Gastroenterologist
  • Nutritionist
  • Feeding Therapist

In addition we have enjoyed working with Early Intervention in our area, a program that works with at-risk infants and toddlers.  We have so valued the input and insight these professionals have offered our children.

  • An extra set of eyes to see growth and progress
  • A clear understanding of developmental milestones and where our child is succeeding or lagging
  • Tangible and practical ways to encourage our child’s individual progress
  • Resource for other programs and events in the community for our child

We also chose to enroll our children in a daycare center.  This is an individual choice for every family, and we initially enrolled as it was provided by the state when our babies were foster children.  Here are the benefits that we have seen in this program.

  • An entire team of teachers and administrators who have seen our children grow and progress
  • Programs specialized to their age and skills
  • Socialization with other children their age
  • Opportunities not provided at home by us
  • Teachers who share responsibility so the burden does not lie on one person.

When we first were faced with all the opportunities and possibilities, we felt a tension between doing things ourselves and accepting the resources offered.  For us, we have truly learned to celebrate the team of caring professionals that surround our boys.  We love how they are known, how their individual strengths and weaknesses have been identified along the way. 

We have seen incredible medical successes.  Our oldest outgrew his allergies and his asthma.  He has grown into a very healthy five year old who is thriving.  Our youngest has overcome a great deal and even this past week had surgery that will prevent complications in the years to come.

We have seen them face and overcome developmental delays, and we have seen each of them become incredibly social and confident little souls.

As adoptive parents we have chosen to resource our boys at every opportunity, and this has worked for us.  We are grateful for all the supporting players.


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