November Goals

Each month we set goals together, intentionally setting a tone for the month.  Here is what we are planning for November.  You may read more about this here.

November Goals

A Month of Gratitude

  • Practice Gratitude with Andrew by doing the Instagram Challenge

    • follow Andrew @the_little_a

    • follow Liza @lizabsharp

  • Model and teach gratitude to Cole by having a project to work on together each week about Gratitude

  • Be grateful for what we have by returning to No Spend November

  • Intentionally plan for the holidays

  • Read a book together

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2 thoughts on “November Goals

  1. I love the idea of reading a book together! I had gotten one for my husband and me several years ago. We have gone through pages/questions, but never read it together. Love that! Thanks for visiting:) Popping in from The Tiny Twig’s link up!


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