Intentionally Balance Adventure and Retreat

Each Tuesday I write a blog post to share with you a way to be in more intentional in your day to day.

Adventure and Retreat

We believe that in each year, month, week, and for us, weekend that we want to balance Adventure and Retreat.

Adventure is a time when you step out of your day to day routine.

It can be an activity that educates you, opens you up more, allows you to face your fear, exposes you to another way of doing things.  We see adventure as stepping outside of what is required of you and into what challenges you.  An adventure may be heading out on a white water rafting trip, traveling to a new place, or seeing with new eyes in a local museum.

We like to follow up a time of Adventure with a time of Retreat.

We see Retreat as a returning.  It is a returning to home or comfort or quiet.  It allows time to rest the mind and body as well as reflect.  Retreat can include times of pampering, like drinking a favorite warm drink, sitting by the fire.  It can also be simple and quiet.  Retreat is the time when we recognize how we want to realign to our core values, principles and intentions.

When we as a family, a couple, and as individuals live a balanced life of adventure and retreat, we are able to stretch ourselves and reflect on how that stretching impacted us.

Our intentional Tuesday challenge to you is to choose a couple of Adventures and balance them with times of reflection and Retreat.

  • You can see our list of Fall Adventures here
  • This month we are Adventuring into gratitude, we will be giving to a food bank this week (by donating at a local police station.  Have you done this?  Something similar?
  • What silly fun thing have you wanted to try?  Sometime we are going for Monkey Trunks, but the boys will need to be older.  We loved our adventures at 5 Wits
  • Because one of our words for the year is “Lighthearted” we have been going to comedy and improv shows  it has been wonderful choosing to laugh.

If you could plan a simple time of retreat in your home what would that look like for your family?

  • This weekend we drank mulled apple cider and ate donuts.
  • We cozied up by the fire and talked about what we are grateful for.
  • We like to drive to the ocean and sit and brainstorm about the month (or week) ahead.
  • Colton loves to draw when he thinks about things.
  • Andrew and I both like writing.

Take some time this month to Adventure and Retreat.


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