Thankful Thursday – Food

In the month of November one of our goals is to practice gratitude with our five-year-old in practical ways by doing projects with him.  This week we focused on our thankfulness for food.

Thankful Thursday

One thing that Colton is grateful for is food.  He is unaware that there are people in the world who are hungry.  I was unsure of how to introduce this to him.  I researched on-line and appreciated the simplicity and authenticity of this video by Sesame Street.

Cole continues to remember the young girl’s story about snack time.

We have a local food bank, so I researched how to donate to them.  If you are looking for local food banks you can find them by using this website FIND Food Bank.

I looked around on-line to find out what the primary needs are for a food bank (our local food bank did not list these).

  • canned meat
  • peanut butter
  • fruit cups/kids snacks
  • rice
  • pasta
  • canned vegetables and fruit

We went to the store and purchased these items.  And then on recommendation of this site, we dressed them up a bit with pictures by Colton.

We headed off to the local police station that accepts donations 24/7, only to watch them all drive away!  There was an accident in our small town.

We were able to drop off the food in the foyer.


A simple way to show gratitude this month is to donate to a food bank.  Let us work together to eliminate hunger.


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