Gratitude for Friendship

In the month of November one of our goals is to practice gratitude with our five-year-old in practical ways by doing projects with him.  This week we focused on our thankfulness for friends.


Colton started kindergarten this year.  He went to pre-school in another town and did not know any of his classmates when he started the school year.  He went from being known by everyone to feeling a bit unsure about himself.  It was a hard transition.

But now we are two months in and he has formed some new friendships. This week we talked about these and who he is grateful for.

We decided to make friendship buckets for a few of his new friends (and he best friend from pre-school).

We decided to pick out some crafts, because Cole loves to do crafts.

I picked up crafts at Michaels and Buckets at the dollar store. Cole, Andrew and I worked to put them together.

Here is what they included:


  • A Happy Thanksgiving hat to color and make
  • A Necklace to craft (Cole said it could be a bracelet too)
  • A Cup of Fall stickers
  • A Stamper
  • A Crow (that Cole made)
  • Candy (that Cole gave from his Halloween stash)
  • A Cup Craft like the Crow (either a Turkey or an Owl)
  • A Leaf Wreath Craft

Cole made the Crow Cups with his papa.  He picked the candy to give.  He sorted the stickers and crafts.  He cut out instructions and put together the bags.  We topped it off with leaves.

He was ready for delivery.

We delivered each to his friends.  I emailed the parents to know why we were doing this and to be on the lookout.


Friends are a great gift.


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