Thankful for Nurses

In the month of November one of our goals is to practice gratitude with our five-year-old in practical ways by doing projects with him. This week we focused on our thankfulness for our health and for nurses.


The members of our household this year have had two surgeries, three hospital stays, four cortisone shots, numerous doctor visits, three braces, occupational therapy, physical therapy, early intervention, lots of amoxicillin and breathing treatments and one feeding tube (that was pulled out numerous times).

We appreciate health and we appreciate those who help us get healthy.

So this week we did a spur of the moment visit to the Emergency Room after dinner.

2014-11-18 18.28.01

Our family of four arrived bundled up with a paper bag.  We declared that there was no emergency, but that we would like to speak to some nurses to thank them.

There was one uncertain looking nurse who asked if we wanted the pediatric nurses, and I explained that we were grateful for all nurses.  She used the card around her neck to open the doors and then they locked behind her.  I had Colton reach into the bag to pull out cinnamon donuts.  He gave them to the people working in reception, thanking them.

2014-11-18 18.29.57

A few minutes later the nurses arrived.  There were five of them and one supervisor.  We had brought five starbucks giftcards.  Cole handed them out to each one saying, “Thank you for helping people.” “Thank you for being a nurse.”

We explained to them that this had been a year for us of coming to really know and appreciate all that nurses do.  We thanked them for how their knowledge and their many abilities.

These nurses beamed.  They seemed filled with goodness and light.

2014-11-18 18.31.34

When we left we felt as if we had been blessed all over again by these incredible, special human beings.

A great big thank you to nurses.

Remember to thank a nurse.


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