December 2014 Goals

Each month we set goals together, intentionally setting a tone for the month.  Here is  a reflection on November and what we are planning for December. You may read more about this here.

December Goals

A Review of November

November Goals

NOVEMBER – A Month of Gratitude

  • Practice Gratitude with Andrew by doing the Instagram Challenge (PARTIAL CREDIT)
    • We did most days, but when the going got tough and it was hard to match the day with the word, we were not on top of it.
  • Model and teach gratitude to Cole by having a project to work on together each week about Gratitude (COMPLETED)
    • We did do projects weekly, three that we posted on the blog (food pantry, friends, and nurses), and the fourth we did at school by joining a service club
  • Be grateful for what we have by returning to No Spend November (PARTIAL CREDIT)
    • We returned to No Spend November and spent less and only on agreed upon items
    • We agreed on more items and spent more than last year, I would rather go the other way.
  • Intentionally plan for the holidays (PARTIAL CREDIT)
    • We are off to a good start, was hoping to have more done by December 1, but we are continuing to be intentional.
  • Read a book together (COMPLETED)
    • We read Gone Girl and saw the movie together.  
    • We are also listening to Serial together and loving it

DECEMBER – A Month of Presence

December Goals

  • Practice Presence with Andrew by doing our own Instagram Challenge #SharpteamChristams2014  A little simpler this time:  Post a picture of the Christmas Season each day through Christmas.
  • Work with Cole on practicing presence by having “Present Moments,” times where we are in the midst and we pause to articulate what is going on and how we are feeling.  We will video some of those moments.
  • Giving our presence to our children each week by going on adventures that they will enjoy and by creating cozy family times at home.
  • Giving our presence to each other by maintaining times of reflection each day and adventure each week just with each other.
  • Individually deepen our sense of presence by meditating each day.

One thought on “December 2014 Goals

  1. I love how you are practicing presence – that is so IMPORTANT, especially during the holiday season. I am attempting to limit my time on Social Media as a way of being more present with my family and really enjoying the season!


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