Intention {Adventure} Day 27: New York City Wedding

 … attend the wedding of Liza’s first friend.


I have known Giacomo since I was three years old.  He was my first friend.  We not only went to one another’s houses to play, we went on vacations together.  I have so many little girl memories of him.  I love who he was.  He was such a kind soul and so funny.

He was like my brother.  And when something went wrong in our high school production of Chicago, I went back stage and cried and he hugged me and got me ready for the next scene (he was doing lights).

I have not seen him in over 20 years.

He got married this weekend, and so graciously invited me for a tremendous event.


It was a beautiful event and he married a beautiful woman.

Thank you to Giacomo and Elizabeth.  May your adventures together be as spectacular as this special day.


Intention {Toddler} Day 23: Fall Fun

… find a little time for Fall Fun.

I don’t get to see Cole a lot on Tuesdays, but it was my hope to get to spend a little one on one time with him doing something that felt like Fall.


We snuck away together to Russel Orchards, one of our favorite North Shore Haunts.

And we just played in the pumpkins.

And then we collected a couple of things for our intention tomorrow.

Loving my little love in these days.

Intention {Work} Day 17: Researching Educating Boys

 … to research the education of boys.

I have been tremendously interested this year in how we educate boys.  I began tutoring two students from an all boys school and I am a very interested in the differences in education between these students and those I work with every day at a co-ed private school.

I have made my own observations in over twenty years of working with adolescents.  I am really interested to compare my thoughts with actual research.  A few weeks ago, for the first time in years, I voluntarily joined a committee.  It is a small group of educators that are going to look into the education of boys.  Our first meeting is in two weeks.  Before that time I am going to read the book The End of Men and watch the movie Raising Cain.  I will take steps toward both today.


Two steps forward.

1.  I stopped by the library and picked up the dvd of Raising Cain

I also learned that the author of the book Michael Thompson is speaking on Saturday night around the corner from us.  I was excited to possibly get a babysitter and head over with Andrew.  Wasn’t it meant to be that we were going to watch this and he is right here in town?  No.  Tickets are $100 a piece!  We will be watching the video instead.

2.  I downloaded and started listening to The End of Men.

Thus far I have definitely been challenged to examine our culture today with new glasses.  I am not sure that I would say that I like the book, but I am interested in the research and it has already encouraged me to think more about who our boys are becoming and the role that women have in that process.

Intention {Toddler} Day 16: Positive Parenting

… for us to read about Positive Parenting together.

Liza and I very much believe in providing Cole positive direction and guidance. We blogged previously about how much Cole responds to positive reinforcement versus negative punishment.

We are always looking to find ways we can improve as parents and approach parenting in ways to benefit, shape and grow Cole in ways that help him to thrive.

We will begin reading through an ebook called “Parenting with Positive Guidance” by Amanda Morgan who operates the blog

We started reading through things today and are very encouraged. First, by the approach presented in the book with the idea that it is possible to help grow and shape discipline inside of a child. Much like children learn to walk, they also learn to make healthy decisions and there are ways we can help them do that. Also liked the reminder that my reactions should be less about my feelings and more about helping direct Cole back to a place where he recognizes he has a choice to do well. Feeling encouraged.

Summer 2012 Week 6 {Olympic Adventures} : Mini-Olympics

The athletes arrived on the field, carrying torches, wearing Olympic crowns

The first order of business was to run (and climb) with the olympic torch – to begin the games).

The opening event was the 100 meter dash

Will was a clear winner.  He then let Colton run alone, so Colton was also a clear winner.

On to the hurdles, that were so much fun the boys just jumped back and forth across them.

The final event was the Javelin Throw

And then it was on to an Olympic Lunch

And then we had our Olympic Ceremony.  Each of the boys received a medal.

What a wonderful time we had!

Great thanks to Jade and the boys.  She showed up, and we figured out the couple of projects we could do while the boys played.  We went for a walk, set it up down town.

Happy Olympics!

Summer 2012 Week 6 {Olympic Adventures} : Olympic Decor

We decided to have a mini olympics play date, so before our friends arrived, we pulled together some red white and blue decorations, and tried to make our place a bit more festive.

Not bad.  We had most everything.  I pulled together the following from other places in our house:

  • red tablecloths
  • white and blue table runner
  • red, white, and blue crepe paper
  • white bowl, added stones
  • two American flags, given to Cole at recent parades
  • display plate, just purchased at Stonewall Kitchen
  • acrylic picture frames and scrapbook paper

I looked on line and really liked these free printables

Added a dash of these and called it ready for the mini-olympics.

Mini Olympics will be posted  later this morning.