Intention {Refresh} Day 14: Hot Apple Cider

… for us to enjoy hot apple cider.

Sunday nights have always been a time when I like to relax and feel ready for the week ahead.  Before we were dating Andrew asked me if I wanted to hang out on a Sunday night after church, and even though I really liked him, I knew that it was an important time in the week for me.  I turned him down.

Now I spend all of my Sunday nights with him.

And it is good.

Tonight Andrew and Cole brought home warm apple cider from Starbucks, and Andrew made a fire.

First we played a little Dutch Blitz (practicing for when Andrew and Thomas come over).

And then we sat by the fire.

Our night also includes talking through our weekly goals and weekly intentions.

Andrew is prepping Brad’s Famous Chili for dinner tomorrow night.

It is so good to take time in the midst and be.

May you have a lovely Sunday and may this week be an incredible Fall week!


Intention {Refresh} Day 7: Time for Two

    . . . to spend time out, just the two of us.

We love our little family of three.  And we love spending time together.

We also really do newly cherish the time when it is just Liza and Andrew.  Today we will spend time just the two of us.

We had wonderful time together today. After dropping off Cole with my parents, Liza and I bopped over to the mall. Not that the mall is all that exciting, but it is a different experience to do things with 2 adults versus 2 adults and a 3 year old. We stopped for lunch at the CheeseCake Factory and had a nice lunch just the two of us, got to talk and enjoy a slower paced lunch.

Afterwards we headed back home, got all dressed up and headed out to the wedding of our good friend’s daughter. It was a lovely ceremony and a wonderful reception, great fun was had by all!

Today was a nice reminder of how wonderful and how important it is for the 2 of us to just spend time together, truly filling for our souls.

Annual Word

Since we were married Andrew and I sit down together in January to think through the year ahead, to pray through the themes we think might emerge and to encapsulate them in words.  We wrote a post about this ORIGIN OF WORDS.

We have not only loved the words and the ways they have shaped our days, but we have loved the sweet times spent together.

This annual word practice worked its way into our months and days, as each month we would review our words and come up with specific monthly goals.  It has been a beautiful journey of rhythm and togetherness.

We chose to change up our annual words last year.  We found that we were returning to the same themes and just finding different words.  So in 2011 we embrace three “pairs of words.”  You can read about our foundational words in last years post.

Here they are, our foundational words that we do revisit montly:

Adventure & Retreat, Balance & Rhythm, Foundations & Renovations

Last year we picked three additional word phrases.  This year we have been inspired to choose one word.  A word for the year . . .

It is a word that does not require work, but requires intention.

It is a word that cannot be forced, but can be felt.

It is a word that has happened before, but is needed again.

The Sharpteam’s word of 2012 is   . . .


The Wedding of Ashley & Ross

This is why we decided to head to Charlottesville Virginia.  To celebrate the wedding of Ashley and Ross.

When I worked at Houston Baptist University I had an incredible staff of young women.  Ashley was tremendous at planning events that were personal and so thoughtful.  This was just the same a beautifully personal and thoughtful wedding.

The ceremony and reception both took place at a sweet inn.  Ashley and her party walked from the deck of the room she stayed in into the sweet and simple courtyard.  The welcome table had a handwritten sign and wedding pictures of Ross and Ashley’s parents.  The guestbook was handmade by Ashely.

The Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony was beautiful.  Andrew and I read a selection from Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  We were so honored to be part of such a sacred time.

The reception was at the same location.  The little touches were tremendous.  Everything was handwritten in Ashley’s beautiful handwriting.  From the big thoughtful signes to the little “gluten free” pennants on the cupcakes.  It was stunning.

Our deepest love and best wishes to the happy couple.  Marriage is the most wonderful gift!

Reminder to Me: Adventure with Andrew

So scroll through this blog, and you will quickly find that these days are unapologetically revolving around this little guy:

In the midst of providing him with theme weeks, daily adventures, three meals a day, clothing on his back and all that it takes to orchestrate his days, Andrew and I took one night away.

It was just over 24 hours and it was such sweet, quiet time together that I need to pause and note that adventuring with Andrew is one of the greatest gifts of my life.

We headed up the coast to Maine.  We ventured by ferry to Peaks Island and then toured on foot and by golf cart discovering an island with history and interesting architecture.

Houses on Peaks Island, Portland, Maine

We paused for our greatest dinner ever (as blogged about here), and stayed in a lovely Bed & Breakfast in Kennebunkport.  We explored and rested.  We played backgammon and ate entire meals without anyone throwing anything.

One day away was so filling and so realigning.  We are a family who believes in adventure and retreat.  What a joy when I get to do both with the love of my life.

Thank you to Mimi and Skip for making it all possible.


Friday Reflection: Favorite Act of Kindness

For Fridays in the month of February, Andrew and I are going to answer a question.  Each of us will write a post about our marriage and share it with one another online . . . at 5:00 pm on Friday.  We will not see one another’s post until it has been posted for the world to see.  This week’s question:  What is your favorite thing that your spouse has done for you?

The absolute truth is that I married the kindest human being on the planet.

I adore all of who Andrew is, and he does so many things for me in so many different ways that I am daily humbled.  This is a man who is gifted at SO much.  I feel such gratitude every time he fixes something, or shovels, rubs my back, or plays with Cole.  He is a wonderful cook and prepares three meals a day and does the grocery shopping.  Every little thing he does, I so appreciate.

So I could list a thousand acts of kindness I am grateful for, probably almost a thousand a day!

But the one that really touched my heart happened after we had a disagreement.  In all honesty I do not really remember what it was that disagreed about . . . the times that we argue are few and far between.  I do remember that I wanted space, and that we lived in a little tiny condo and did not feel like I could have the space.  We had one car at the time, so Andrew headed out on foot, encouraged me to have a good day, take the car, do whatever was best for me and that he would be back later.

When he returned, this is what he showed me . . .


This is my introverted husband.  He walked all over two towns.  What a wonderful gift to this woman’s soul.

Friday Reflections: A gift from my better half

This Friday we decided to write about something the other has done that we have appreciated.

I always thought of myself as being a nice guy. I was never big on compliments though or making any real deal about special occasions. Don’t get me wrong, I loved a party as much as the next guy but never really put any thought into it and just went with what came to mind first.

Andrew Party

Liza on the other hand has always had a lovely way about understanding others. Gifts, compliments, words all seem to strike a chord with the person on the receiving end. She is able to find a way to celebrate people and circumstances like no one I have ever met.

celebrating thanksgiving

One of my favorite things Liza has done for me is taught me the joy of celebration. If you spend any time with the Sharpteam, you’ll hear quite a few “woohoos!”, random cheering and of course clapping. And when it comes to birthdays, we break out the singing and dancing.

Soulcare sings Happy Birthday

It is something that has become part of who we are; we celebrate.

Cole Celebrating

Big moments, small moments and everything in between. It has made life much more fun, much less serious and much more enjoyable.

celebrating marriage

So thank you to the love of my life for helping me learn how to celebrate, wherever we are!

Celebrating in Spain