Adventures in Organizing

* Our Command Center had been updated again, Summer 2013.  

Click here to see.

After 31 Days of Adventure the Sharpteam has been finding some new rhythm and balance in their days.

We have found some particular rhythms that work for us.  We write up a menu monthly, so that we only have to think about what we are having for dinner once.

We sit down together annually, monthly, and weekly to talk about goals. We keep these goals on our icalendars, but wanted to have them some place where we could see them. We have a cabinet in the kitchen that has a wall that is just right for a family center.

So when we moved here we bought a couple of dry erase boards and wrote our goals out together monthly and weekly.

This summer I decided to change it up, and make it more of a gallery wall feel.  I had learned that you can write on a picture frame with a dry erase marker and easily erase it, so we got some white frames and this is what our kitchen wall has looked like lately . . .

We were going to post about this “transformation” but the more we lived with it, the less we liked it.  It was a lot of glass . . . it was too symmetrical . . . it was more work each week . . .

So this past weekend, we re-did the look again.

I have been looking at this wall from pottery barn for a while . . .

We were not as interested in the price tag for each of the pieces.  But we took the inspiration and put together a wall that is working for us . . .

Here is what everything is . . .

I am sure that this too will evolve, but one week in, and we are so liking how it works for us.

Here is a little detail that I like . . .

The pin is from my grandmother, monogrammed with a B, from my maiden name.  So we have the big “S” and still have a little “B.”

Here is the evolution . . .

Gratitude to Andrew who has done all the work.

Happy adventures in organizing!


18 thoughts on “Adventures in Organizing

  1. Thank you for joining the Home Decor and Organizing Link Party this week. I featured this on my blog today. Come over and grab a button if you’d like.


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    • Haley, Thanks so much for your comment The hook & frame organizer is from Target. I tried to find a link online, but could not. It was purchased in the fall.


    • April, That is a great question. We have talked a bit about it in these January posts, as that is when we choose (and revist) our annual words: and

      We have big goals that we are working on and each month we ask ourselves what we can do in that month to meet those goals, and this is where our monthly goals come from.

      Each week we look at the upcoming calendar and ask ourselves what we need to do to be ready for each of the events on it, and put those in our list. We then go through our “box” it is where we deposit all mail that needs action during the week, and we list goals from there. Lastly we re-visit our monthly goals and ask ourselves what steps we can take toward those.

      We organize our list into things I need to do, things my husband needs to do and things we will work on together. When we are really organized we sit down at night and make daily goals, sometimes this is necessary, but not always.

      Hope that is helpful.


  3. Where did you get the frames for the weekly menu? Is it a frame that you just took glass out of? Or was it specifically with cork?


  4. Lindsay,
    I think the calendar frame was from Target seasons ago. I actually have very similar shadow boxes that I got at Marshalls that are in my closet and I use to hang my jewelry. They are in stock at our local Marshalls in white and black.



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