Summer 2012 Week 3 {Science Week} : Chemical Reactions

We thought it would be fun to try a little chemical reaction while Colton’s cousins were up from Virginia.  For Cole there is already a deep chemical reaction of love whenever he does get to see this DC crew.

He adores his big girl cousins, Lauren and Ellie, and longs to hold their hands and do whatever they are doing.  He thinks cousin David is very fun and perfect to adventure with, David is up for anything.  And he loves Baby Anne, he is intrigued by her delicate beauty and asked his Aunt, “Can I pet her?”  He recognizes he needs to be gentle (though Baby Anne is quite a climber and explorer, joined with such a lovely, relaxed personality, she too is ready for anything).

So we gathered together some materials

And each cousin got a cup of baking soda and a cup of colored vinegar.

Each cousin then poured their colored vinegar into the baking soda, and a reaction ensued . . .

Pretty cute little scientists.

After the cousins were gone, we did the experiment one more time with just Cole.

More gathering.

Andrew showed Cole that some things react (vinegar & baking soda), while others do not (vinegar & flour).

Then they watched together as the Andrew put food coloring and vinegar in a gatorade bottle, put in the baking soda, and the reaction began to happen . . .

I see a love growing for science in a little boy, and I am thrilled!

Stay tuned, later today I will be posting my favorite science experiment.


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